The variety of products manufactured at Adgi is very extensive, ranging from conventional plate transformers to the modern encapsulated or extra-flat transformers. From the magnetic plate low-frequency self-induction coils to the very high frequency inductors of all types and characteristics. Within the manufacture of small coils for relays, contactors, transformers, etc., we have the most efficient and versatile technical means available. All our transformers are manufactured to order and in accordance with the particular specifications of each customer.

Encapsulated Transformers | Toroidal Transformers | Safety and Separation Transformers

ADGI has the best transformers available and offers the most competitive quotes for transformers with the following characteristics
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  Each one of the transformers in the product ranges can incorporate a variety of technical characteristics according to the requirements and needs of each particular client.
Encapsulated power transformers are designed and manufactured for safety transformers. Given their construction and as they are encapsulated in self-extinguishing epoxy resin under vacuum, they show excellent performance when exposed to changes in temperature, humidity and harsh environments and they have greater thermal resistance which reduces heating when compared open transformers. In general, they are used to supply low power AC electric or electronic circuits or for DC rectifier circuits.